Re-integration Programme

We have dedicated staff assigned to one of five main areas - Social inclusion, Catering, Budgeting, Home running and housing needs.

Our Programmes

There are two main areas we work on with residents, these are:

  • Learning to live in your own environment – including catering, budgeting, medication management and housekeeping

  • Being part of a community - through employment, volunteering, education, leisure, creativity and spiritual growth

Each resident will begin to create his or her own Programme within a week of coming to Argyll House. The Programme will develop as the resident`s confidence and experience grows. The aim is that residents will have a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge to help them live a meaningful life by the time they leave Argyll House.

Social inclusion

We include Adult education, Voluntary Work, paid work and leisure/pleasure in our social inclusion programme`s.

Voluntary work

We have linked up local volunteer networks to help us co-ordinate our programmes. Voluntary work can include being involved in organisations such as: Cromer Football Club, a local horse centre, Cromer theatre, charity shops, a local cricket club and National Trust properties (groundwork/shop/restaurant).

Adult Education

Adult Education is through Learning for Everyone, based at North Norfolk District Council Offices. They offer a wide range of certificated courses including: Basic Computing, Life Skills (basic numeracy and literacy), Garden design, Interior Design and English.


It is our aim to find at least one activity/pastime that each resident enjoys. During their illnesses residents often have had little experience of pleasure and relaxation. It is an important aspect when trying to build a balanced life. Along with activities such as the theatre, cinema, swimming, gym, kite flying and rambling, we also offer sailing and ballroom dancing lessons. If a resident has anything (within reason) they want to try we will do all we can to help it to happen.


Residents in studio flats or flats have the opportunity to undertake a basic cookery course with our catering manager before self-catering. During the course they will learn how to cook basic recipes, which they can add to during their time with us. Self catering is introduced gradually, at the resident's own pace, but often people will be in our self catering accommodation and still choose to eat the prepared meals in the dining room until they have enough confidence to cook for themselves.

We work on a one to one basis to help each resident devise their own selection of meals they enjoy cooking, and can eventually do independently. Residents can do an in house Basic Food Hygiene Course, and also work on gaining confidence and knowledge to shop for ingredients, learn about

Home Running

This area of the programme helps residents learn to do their washing, ironing, housework and minor maintenance


Residents learn how to manage their money by completing regular budget sheets, managing income and learning to save

Housing Needs

This part of the programme is aimed at assessing and finding appropriate accommodation for people to move onto when they leave Argyll House